Resilient Systems and Societies Lab

Making our societies and the infrastructure they depend on stronger through cutting-edge distributed systems research.

About Us

We are a computer systems research group in the University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information, with a focus on dependable infrastructure. We aim to make the networked systems our society relies on resilient to failures and attacks, and to develop new network technologies that help bring people together.

We conduct research on distributed systems and computer networks, aiming to not only fundamentally advance our understanding of how to design and build robust, performant systems that can be relied on to meet their requirements (despite failures and/or attacks), but also develop practical solutions with positive societal impact.

Contact Us

RSSLab @ Pitt
Information Sciences Building
135 N. Bellefield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Email: babay (at)

Active Projects

Resilience to compound threats

We are investigating how to model critical infrastructure resilience to compound threats involving natural disasters and opportunistic cyberattacks, and how to design new system architectures to better withstand these threats.

Intrusion tolerance as a service

We are developing new architectures and protocols to make intrusion-tolerant systems (i.e. systems that can continue to operate correctly even while partially compromised by an attacker) easier to deploy.

Community-based environmental monitoring

We are working to develop tools and socio-technical approaches to make environmental monitoring and collective sense-making of environmental data at the community level more accessible.

Next-generation internet services

We are investigating techniques to support emerging internet applications with demanding combinations of performance, reliability, and/or resilience requirements. Our current work focuses on scalable support for highly interactive applications (collaborative VR, immersive multiplayer gaming, remote manipulation).